Intra-faith alliances.

Amongst other challenges faced by the Muslim world include the lack of tolerance within the people of the same faith. As the differences have been used by extremist element to try and create a rift between people within the same faith, the time has come for the American Muslims to show the path to others within the Muslim world on ways and mechanism of better understanding each other’s perspective and increasing appropriate respectful communication and building trust and understanding among each other.

American Muslim Peace Initiative is starting key guidelines and a program to be implemented within the United States as a model for the rest of the Muslims to follow and initiate dialogue and understanding with fellow Muslims.

We are providing this booklet and encourage fellow Muslims to consider using this to help build bridges amongst the intra-faith Muslim communities. You are welcome to share this book with anyone, copy it and distribute to people who you think it may be of use.

Intrafaith Alliance Booklet

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