A. Dialogue.

The American Muslim Peace Initiative has initiated a series of dialogue convening with leaders across from other faiths, primarily Jews and Christians to understand, identify, and begin to respect each others perspectives and urgently explore peaceful resolutions and identify principles to solve Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Members of the American Muslim Peace Initiative will travel to Israel and Palestine and meet with leadership, thought leaders to identify and better understand meaningful solutions, which would serve as the foundation for lasting peace.

B. Policy Research:

The American Muslim Peace Initiative issue and policy research. The level of distrust that is now seen between the countries with Muslim majority and United States is one of the biggest threats to international security and world peace. There is an emergent need of identifying better ways and mechanisms to help build lasting understanding between America and the Muslim majority countries.

It is critical that the current challenge and the American war on terror be better understood by the Muslim majority countries and similarly help educate American policy think tanks and law makers, how their words, speeches, and policies result in strengthening extremist element in Muslim majority countries. Fresh solutions to improve communication and develop better understanding and building trust on commonly shared values and basic principle is needed.

C. Intra-faith alliances.

Amongst other challenges faced by the Muslim world include the lack of tolerance within the people of the same faith. As the differences have been used by extremist element to try and create a rift between people within the same faith, the time has come for the American Muslims to show the path to others within the Muslim world on ways and mechanism of better understanding each other’s perspective and increasing appropriate respectful communication and building trust and understanding among each other.

D. Interfaith alliances.

Solutions to the current challenges seen by the world require the leaders of the greatest world faiths across the country to work together with each other to pave the path of everlasting peace and understanding between different faiths.

E. A call for collective grass root process.

The American Muslim Peace Initiative through influence will continue to call for a dialogue and reflection and initiate effort to invite American Muslim Organizations in developing grass root process that would lead to writing and publication of joint statements on and positions on issues that are critical to the Muslims, all other Americans and American Muslims. We feel that one of the main challenges of peace making in our age of globalization a war on terrorism and ever increasing economic disparities within the country and across different countries is placing certain communities at risk to be marginalized. These include minorities, communities of color women and the impoverished not only in American but all over the world. It is critical that processes be developed, accountabilities to be set up to help protect these communities in America as well as the world. Solutions focused towards these communities would help reduce the risk of extremism in all religions.

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