Monthly Archives: August 2010

AMPI concerned about the violent and hate filled response to the Islamic Center plan near Ground Zero

Dr. Omar Atiq Chair and Dr. Saud Anwar Co-Chair of AMPI are highly concerned about the current manifestation of religious bigotry and hatred against Muslims being organized around the New York Islamic Center.

The level of hysteria around the creation of the Islamic Center and the similar types of attacks and hate speech around the various states across American is unlike anything AMPI has seen.

The attacks against the religious freedom of American Muslims is highly un- American and in-humane. Some of these attacks are religiously motivated, and there clearly are a group of marginalized politicians who are trying to use hate, fear after failing in other ways to have any footing within the US political system.

Dr. Anwar spoke about how there is a violent vocal minority in the United States that is suggesting that the right of free speech trumps the religious freedom in United States.

AMPI asks all other Americans to stay United, despite the negative calls from some of these people. If the majority stands together they can make the extreme minority in any group irrelevant no matter how violent and hate based they are. AMPI is also concerned that the words and actions of this group serve as recruitment tool for the Al Qaeda and its affiliates all over the world. AMPI cautioned that the actions and words of the extremist groups can lead to marginalization of the American Muslim community which we believe to a part of the process of radicalization.

AMPI Co-Chair Meets with legislative Team of Senator Lieberman for Concerns regarding Terrorist Expatriation Act

Dr. Saud Anwar Co-Chair of the AMPI met with the legislative team members of Senator Lieberman to highlight some concerns of the American Muslim Community on the Terrorist Expatriation Act. The concerns of the current abuses and future abuses risks were discussed. Discussion was held about how such efforts which at times target the American Muslim community can alienate the community and be counterproductive. Dr. Anwar highlighted how the treatment of the American Muslims by people including the extremist politicians in US as well as the extreme hare based fringe group’s actions and worlds lead to a recruitment tool for Al- Qaeda.

AMPI Co-Chair, Dr. Saud Anwar Meets with Director, National Counterterrorism Center

Dr. Saud Anwar Co-Chair of AMPI had a meeting with Michael E. Leiter,  Director, National Counterterrorism Center in Washington DC. Discussion was held on the importance of how the challenges of countering Violent Extremism require the community to be partner. Dr. Anwar shared with Mr. Lieter that if communities feel marginalized and they perceive themselves to be victims of profiling they are less likely to become partners.