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American Muslim Peace Initiative Press Release Regarding the Violence in Middle East

July 20th, 2006: American Muslim Peace Initiative (AMPI) is deeply saddened by the recent escalation in violence in the Middle East.  It mourns the loss of life, and condemns all acts of terrorism and indiscriminate use of force.  There is no purpose or provocation that justifies the killing of innocent people.  We urge the involved parties to immediately cease the hostilities, and return to the negotiating table for a lasting peaceful settlement of the conflict.

AMPI requests the United States Government, the European Union, and the United Nations to use all their resources to help achieve an immediate cease-fire, release of political prisoners, repatriation of displaced persons, reconstruction of the destroyed infrastructure, and a permanent negotiated solution to this ongoing humanitarian disaster.  We support the creation of an independent Palestine, alongside Israel, as envisioned by the majority of people of Palestine and Israel.